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Ecommerce Services

Keeping pace with the modern world in which online service has allowed expanding the shopping even in remote areas, we ensure your safe and reliable exchange of funds. You will get your goods right in your comfort place anytime, anywhere

ecommerce services



We provide our customers with the best possible solutions to their problems. We give an extraordinary storage platform for the Fulfillment eCommerce Services. We store your products under high security and ship them directly to the customer’s doorstep according to schedule

All-in-one pricing

We offer an uncomplicated pricing structure that consists of Storage, Fulfillment and Last mile, making it easier for the seller to know the exact cost per shipping and avoid month end surprises of shipping and storage costs.
We have set the pricing structure based on our experience and challenges faced by E commerce players and as a solution provider our aim is to innovate and make business processes easier for our customers that eventuates into mutual growth”.

ecommerce services

Easy Integration for your eCommerce Websites

We also upgrade our services and give you an easy integration with other websites to manage merchandise, storage and, fulfillment shipment. The streamlined process is so smooth and simple that you can undoubtedly comprehend the interaction without being an expert. You can get free integration for your Woocommerce, Magento, Shopify and, Opencart platforms. This seamless connectivity will save your precious time and permit you to better manage your products with somewhat little effort.

Powerful Data Analytics

Our powerful data analysis has the automatic process of aligning strategic, financial and, operational planning. You can easily have a look at all data and this data-driven methodology allow you to understand the customers’ behavior and you can plan strategy according to the requirements. This will assist you to increase business productivity and make evidence-based decisions.

Lamyaa Logistics

Our fulfillment services provide

ecommerce services

Order management includes receiving the order, arrange them, and after proper scanning sent for storage

ecommerce services

Inventory management to keep a close eye on the stock, quantity, and backorders.

ecommerce services

We handle the products and after packaging send them to the desired place through our E-commerce shipping service

ecommerce services

We also offer premium transport with a full record of the track so you can trace them whenever you want.

ecommerce services

By our precise scanning system, your order is selected

ecommerce services

On-demand, we send papers or documents to the desired place.

Approximately 400k people in KSA  use the logistic services

What We Have Achieved So Far?

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We manage storage and fulfillment with our vast network of 15+ storage locations. We ensure all the basic feature of warehouses to handle both the bulk and pallets of goods from multiple locations

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270+ Merchants trust Lamyaa Logistics to manage their business

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We have a vast network of Transportation vehicles to link cities and minimize delivery time. These distribution centers are spread the whole way across the KSA so that there is consistently one Stockroom close to the conveyance spot.

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We are expert in the field of Cargo transportation and logistics and move your parcels, documents or, any complex shipment safely to its destination

Lamyaa Logistcs best logistics company right at your doorstep